• Andrew Turner

The 5 BEST electric ligthers in 2022

Some things about our lifestyles and needs improve over time. We’ve always chosen to settle for only the best options, so even after man could spark a fire to live with two rocks or rubbing against splinter wood, there's always the need for something better. It's 2022, and if you're not thinking of an electric lighter, you're not starting your fires the right way.

Admittedly, regular old lighters look cool and have a particular appeal. However, they can fail when you need them most and could pose a danger to kids and even adults.

Electric lighters come in simple designs and portable sizes, easy to use and store.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about gas refills because you only need your USB cord to recharge your electric lighter when the battery runs out.

Today, there are many options you can come across from a simple search, but you should be thinking of the best options only.

Need help choosing which electric lighter to buy for yourself or someone else? Keep reading to discover the best choices on the market.


RONXS Candle Lighter


Price: $18.99

The RONXS Candle lighter isn't just like any other electrical lighter out there; it is the BEST!

No Butane, no problem! This rechargeable lighter sparks up to 400 times on a single full charge.

What's more? This 8.8" lighter has a flexible neck, an LED power indicator (so you don't get stranded when you need a lighter the most), a hanging hook, and USB charging port.

The RONXS electric lighter is perfect for several activities or a holiday gift.


VEHHE Candle Lighter


Price: $19.99

The VEHHE candle electric lighter is an excellent product thanks to its innovative charging circuit, safe design. The lighter packs a powerful lithium battery that doesn't die on you, and there's a cool LED display that shows you the battery level always.

Say goodbye to reaching uncomfortably to light a fire and a big hello to a long flexible neck.

Perfect for lighting candles, stoves, fireworks, camping, and other activities, the VEHHE electric lighter is a great buy.


LEUEK Candle Lighter


Price: $13.99

LEUEK sparks up the image of top-quality. This rechargeable electric lighter is like a sleek wand that extends into a flexible neck. This gadget spells out total convenience! You can easily charge with a USB cable and start a fire from a safe distance.

With a full charge, you can use the LEUEK electric lighter up to 600 times before your next recharge and LED indicators to monitor your battery life. Keep things safe with a simple safety switch.


Bswalf Candle Lighter


Price: $11.99

This electric arc lighter is designed for flameless fires. Whether you're outdoor camping, trying to light birthday candles, BBQ grills, or fireplace, the Leejie Plasma Beam lighter is the safest and easiest way to spark things up.

You can conveniently recharge its lithium batteries with a USB cable, and LED indicators on the handle show you how much juice you have.

The portable Bswalf electric lighter works in all conditions and is designed with a safety lock to protect children.


TAKOIEMS Electric Candle Lighter


Price: $12.99

TAKOIEMS may look like some taser, but it is just a sleek electric lighter that produces a plasma arc to start a fire.

Not only is it the best for indoor and outdoor activities, but it is also a safe choice. The arc tips are retractable, and there's a safety button that controls how you use the lighter.

The TAKOIEMS electric lighter is portable and rechargeable with a portable USB cable. You won't regret owning one.